How do I record? And what is the best environment to record in?

We will be sending you a professional microphone and headset and a ‘How to Record’ video. You will be able to sit in the comfort of your own office or a quiet room, record your leadership message as well as your member or employee segment save it and send it to us. We take care of everything else. It is important to be sure you are in a quiet environment, free of cell phone, computer, and in some cases loud air-conditioning/background noises as the mic pick up everything. You will find that this just becomes another part of your routine and becomes second nature.

How do I let people know where to find the show?

There are two ways to locate the show. We will send you a QR code for anyone to be able to scan with their phone and take them directly to the show. Its vitally important that they push the button and subscribe so all other shows will load automatically when posted.

We also send a link for them to be able to copy and paste into their podcast app. We will send you a more in-depth instruction in the MCR tool box.

How do I develop an intro and outro?

The intro and outro are one of the first things that you want to create once you have decided to commit to the system. Refer back to the sample audio show and listen to BEK’s intro for inspiration. Intros should paint a picture of how special your company is and how proud the member or employee should feel being associated with your company. Often times you can refer to your mission statement or guiding principles.

The outro should include a call to action reminding members or employees to subscribe, share and engage using the email created sharing comments or suggestions.

How do employees/members listen to the show?

Now that they have subscribed they will go to their podcast app on their device and plug in their earbuds and listen. Each show loads automatically.

How do I know people are listening?

We are able to send you stats and demographics to include what device is used, how many downloads and where in the world they are listening from.

Are the employees/members able to make comments or suggestions?

We believe this is a very important tool to always get feedback from your audience. We suggest creating an email engage@ ’plug in company name’ so that it becomes very easy for the employee/member to communicate at a push of a button.

What are the choices available for the inspirational and enrichment segments?

We have several consultants to choose from that include professional motivational speaker, fortune 500 consultant, mindful meditation, Hollywood fitness and HR specialist.

How many shows a month should we do?

It depends on what your needs are. For instance, if you are in real estate or sales, information tends to change more frequently. In the hospitality or club world we have found that 2 shows a month is a happy medium.

How long should the shows be?

The average length is about 30 minutes but we do have some clients that go an hour. The beauty is, it can be whatever you need it to be and that the listeners have the opportunity to turn it on and off whenever its convenient for them. Which is why the system is successful.

What’s the best day to launch?

Whatever you decide it needs to be consistent so that you audience knows when to expect the show. If you’re launching once a week, Friday mornings are recommended. Twice a month we recommend launching on pay day, as everyone remembers pay day.

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