We love working with My Company Radio and the entire concept and process of reaching all of our employees this way. I am so impressed with the immediate impact this truly unique way of communicating had on our team right from the first episode of the HRC Insider Podcast, and how excited they are to listen to the show every other Friday, which is also payday. Our HR team even put together a listening party, which is very well attended, and the group picture taken after each session is a lot of fun.

It is also exciting that the team feels comfortable to “engage” and email me directly with their recommendations and comments this way. Many employees have thanked me personally for the Club updates, and the life lessons and inspirational messages created by My Company Radio, which are the opening segment of each podcast.

I could not think of a better way to motivate and communicate a personalized message to my team, and I would highly recommend MCR to anyone who is looking for a more effective way to engage with their entire team.”

        Thomas Preuml, CCM

        Chief Operating Officer

        Houston Racquet Club


The My Company Radio platform has engaged our membership like nothing we have ever done before. The overwhelming positive response and excitement from all generations of our membership has been staggering. The movement past newsletters, the sea of emails and text messages communications is now! We could not be happier with our partnership with MCR. Let them help you take Member Engagement to levels never seen before.”

       Chad E. Ellis

       General Manager & COO | Oak Hill Country Club

       A Five-Star Platinum Club of the World


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